Life After Metta School (Part 2) – Embracing Independence

Meet Chelsea Chua, the 26 year old Metta School graduate who was born with Velocardiofacial Syndrome. Chelsea had multiple physical, learning and behavioural challenges that required specialised educational instruction and strategies coupled with ongoing therapy, counselling and medical support. With Metta School’s holistic special education, Chelsea’s metamorphosis is both remarkable and heart-warming.

Metta School offers more than just vocational skills for its students like Chelsea Chua. They teach them independence and to lead a meaningful life.

Voice over: Ms Felicia Wee (Deputy Executive Director of Metta Welfare Association)


Mother’s Day

Once a year, we have the opportunity to recognize and appreciate the woman who loves us unconditionally. Give mum a sweet treat this Mother’s Day with a selection of signature eggless sponge cakes baked with love specially by Metta Alumni youths with special needs.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Events

Having A Whale of A Time – 27 January 2018


22 clients from Metta Day Rehabilitation Centre and HomeCare had a whale of a time with volunteers from Lingjack Engineering when they went for an eventful CSR outing to S.E.A Aquarium at Sentosa. The educational and befriending outing was an eye-opening experience for the seniors, some of whom had not been to Sentosa for over 20 years. In a scheduled series of CSR partnerships between LingJack Engineering and Metta, the outing to S.E.A Aquarium with Metta Medical Care also marks a new experience as they had previously had CSR events with clients from Metta Home. Medical Care Manager, Ms Josephine Kuek, introduced the volunteers to Metta’s services and taught them the proper way of handling a wheelchair.

The outing didn’t just stop at Sentosa. LingJack staff ended the eventful day with a 4-course western lunch for everyone at Eighteen Chefs at Star Vista. The food was plentiful and volunteers sat down with the seniors, talk to them as they ate. It was a memorable experience for our clients from Metta Medical Care, in particular, a few clients showed great enthusiasm and appreciation to the volunteers, hugging them before they boarded the bus for home.


A Little Joy Goes A Long Way – 24 February 2018


Youths from the National University of Singapore BizAd faculty spent an enjoyable Lunar New Year celebration with 39 clients from Metta Day Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly. Through a catered sumptuous lunch, the youths befriended and entertained the elderly through a series of ice breaking activities, song and performances, as well as getting the elderly involved in a Bingo game and simple arts and crafts. Using red packets, the youths helped the clients to create Lunar New Year crafts through their endless creativity. Serenading them with Chinese and Hokkien songs from the 60’s, the youths went all out to give a heartwarming experience to the elderly through their altruistic efforts to bring joy to Metta’s clients.


Heroes in White

In celebration of World Health Day, we pay tribute to Metta’s health care workers who dedicate their lives to the well-being of our clients. They share with us their memorable experiences on why they chose to be in the medical profession and the pride and satisfaction that comes along with their work.


Press on with sincerity, passion and resilience and have trust in the process.

Eulisia Er-sm.jpg

“I knew that being a Psychologist was my calling when at Primary 4, I was tasked by my teacher to help a fellow classmate who seemed to have difficulty with her studies, attention span and more noticeably, she also displayed extreme peculiar habits and obsessions. My friendship and interactions with my friend started me thinking about what else could have been done to help her and other children in a similar situation. It dawned upon me that early intervention is the key to helping individuals with special needs develop and adapt to society as best as they can.”

Ms Eulisia Er, Psychologist
Metta School


Practicing patience, kindness and compassion all the time, everywhere I go.

Asiah Awang-sm.jpg

“I have been in the medical industry for 46 years and I love every moment of it each day. At Metta, I assist in the supervision and daily operation of Metta Day Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly to ensure that a quality standard of care to our patients are met. My duties include conducting initial individual care plans and nursing assessment. Amongst the biggest challenge in my role is juggling the psychological stress and physical disabilities of elderly clients. Thankfully, with the support of Metta, I undertook courses in elderly care management that enables me to better understand the elderly and serve them with pride.”

Ms Asiah Awang, Senior Staff Nurse
Metta Medical Care


I can make that difference too.

Florence Lew-sm.jpg

“I graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a Diploma in Gerontological Management Studies in 2017 and joined Metta soon after a brief internship at Alexandra Hospital. Being in the elderly care industry was an eye-opening experience and also a big challenge for me as communication with the elderly clients in various dialects and Malay was a hurdle for me. Over time, with the help and guidance of my colleagues, as well as the helpful clients, I picked up a smattering of dialects and became more sensitive to the elderly’s needs. I want to continue to make a difference in our clients’ lives here in Metta. I hope to make them smile a little more and engage them as much as I can. My wish is that they can regain their health and lead an active and independent lifestyle.”

Ms Florence Lew, Therapy Aide
Metta Medical Care


Do It With Passion

Donna Bote Fajardo-sm.jpg

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do and do it with passion, or not at all.”

These are the inspirational words that Donna, a physiotherapist aide at Metta Home, lives by. Donna joined Metta Home in 2001 and provides physiotherapy training to the clients so that they are able to attain their highest functional capabilities.

Despite the challenges at work of having to handle multiple tasks and difficult clients at times, Donna sees it as a personal challenge. She upgrades her skills through attending courses and learning from fellow colleagues as well.

Ms Donna Bote Fajardo, Physiotherapist Aide
Metta Home


Walk Towards A Healthy Heart and Lifestyle

Article contributed by Alicia Lum, Community Engagement Officer for Metta Medical Care.

To many of us, walking is something that we do every day without much thought. However, do you know that the low-impact exercise is also one of the simplest ways to work out? There is no special exercise equipment and no gym fees needed. Walking is an extremely versatile and flexible form of exercise which can match your pace to your current fitness level.


At the end of the day, indulging in a little low level physical activity is better than not exercising at all. Walking can be considered a good starting point for individuals who are not used to exercise. It is also easy to bump up your pace and go longer distances as you get better.

You can also increase the intensity of the cardio workout by walking faster, for longer distances or even up slope.

Alternatively, you can up the ante and consider rucking to add on for a physically intensive workout. Rucking, in its simplest form, is walking with a weighted pack on your back. The activity gets its name from “ruck sacks,” which is military speak for “backpack.” It is an active resistance training and can help to build body strength and burn three times more calories as you walk.

Aside from physical benefits, walking also provides valuable mental health benefits. It serves to calm the mind, especially if the activity is set in nature. There are many walking trails in Singapore which provides opportunities to get up close and personal with nature and greenery. For instance, MacRitchie’s Treetop Walk provides walkers with a bird’s eye view of the tall and large forested trees as well as the occasional glimpses of forested creatures. Hiking can provide us with a getaway from the usual hustle and bustle of our city life.

In support of a healthy lifestyle for its staff, Metta Welfare Association is among many organisations that have joined the Health Promotion Board’s National Step Challenge – Corporate Challenge. The successful initiative saw active staff participation clocking an average of over 10,000 steps weekly since the programme started.

Put on those comfortable walking shoes and remember, fitness is not a destination, it is a way of life.


One Pot, One Metta Family


It is known that food binds people together and nothing binds a community of compassionate donors and volunteers than a steaming vegetarian hot pot. Metta held its Lunar New Year “Lou-Hei” luncheon at Metta Building to thank and honour its supporters, donors and volunteers on a Saturday afternoon. The celebration also took the opportunity to usher in the Lunar New Year with a blessings ceremony that was presided by Metta’s President, Venerable Shi Pu En. A rousing lion dance performance featuring six lions by students from Metta School kicked off the event. Tossing of the vegetarian yu sheng for starters had the excited guests filling the air with shouts of auspicious phrases of good fortune, health and a smooth year ahead. Giving an impressive entertainment during the lunch was a splendid display of Wu Shu performance by Metta School students. The communal dining of the hotpot with its amalgamation of the different ingredients is symbolic of the guests who come from different races, religions and backgrounds for Metta’s cause, coming together as One Metta Family.



Drawing Out His Talent


A young burly man sits in a corner at Metta Home Day Activity Centre’s activity room, oblivious to the world and deep in his drawings, lies an arts prodigy, known affectionately by all around as Timothy. 34 year old Ganesan Timothy Charles, was born with mild intellectual disability and autism. A cheerful yet shy person, Timothy is well liked by his peers and trainers at Metta Home.

Timothy is the youngest amongst 3 children and the only son to a security guard father and homemaker mother. Timothy joined Metta Home Day Activity Centre in 2015, 13 years upon his graduation from MINDS. Not accustomed to the working environment, Timothy spent his days at home with his mum, who felt that a day program would better suit her son and keep him preoccupied. She also noticed a talent in Timothy who seemed to be very adept in caricatures. Being a client at Metta Home Day Activity Centre kept the young man more cheerful than being at home. He spends his day taking part in Metta Home’s bite-sized projects which includes sheltered arts and craft sessions. The weekly routine has also taught Timothy time management which he would diligently prepare for sessions on time. Apart from just indoor activities, Timothy also had the opportunity for outdoor fun such as swimming and bowling and also visiting places of interests for CSR activities with corporate volunteers to hone his community living and social skills.

The new activities for Timothy couldn’t have made his mother, Mdm Santa Maria Evelyn Celine, anymore happier. As she puts it, “Thank you for helping my son!”.


Stay Strong, Live Long

President’s Note

This issue of Metta News celebrates World Health Day on 7 April as we pay tribute to our medical team at Metta Welfare Association. The theme of the World Health Day 2018 is “Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere”.

The theme resonates with us at Metta but goes beyond the provision of essential health services. We have developed individualised educational and care plans for our clients across our services, designing these plans around and for each individual. These individual plans meet and are adjusted to the changes and improvements made by each client.

The team of multidisciplinary professional staff at Metta provide para medical services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, counselling, nursing aid, palliative care and more. I am thankful for the dedication of our healthcare team at Metta as they face the rising challenges with passion and commitment.

Metta is committed to continually improving our ability to meet the needs of our clients and their families. As we extend our healthcare capabilities through the Metta HomeCare programme, we are confident that with the support of our Management, staff, donors and volunteers, we can provide quality care to all our clients that creates a ripple effect in their lives.

Triple Gems Blessings

Venerable Shi Pu En
Metta Welfare Association


The Universe or Nothing At All

Metta Welfare Association celebrates a family fun adventure movie with Avengers: Infinity War at Shaw Theatres @Lido Cineplex. Bring the family down for an afternoon of superhero action with Metta!for wordpress




Venue: Shaw Theatres Lido
Date: 5 May 2018
Time: 4pm

Allocated seats. Limited seats available for each category.




Proceeds from the Metta Charity Movie will go to Metta Welfare Association which serves some 1,200 beneficiaries under its care. Your donation will fund the various welfare programmes and comprehensive range of services that goes beyond the mere fulfilment of our beneficiaries’ requirements.

Ticket are at $30, $50 and $100 each.

All donations are tax-deductible at 250%.

Watch the trailer below!

To register, please go to:

*Metta Welfare Association is a non-profit, voluntary welfare organization. We provide special education, welfare services, community and medical care to the intellectually disabled, elderly and terminally ill in our society, transcending race and religion.

Life After Metta School (Part 1): The Cheery Doorman

Metta School is a special education school that caters to students with mild intellectual disability and / or mild autism spectrum disorders, between 7 to 21 years old. A diverse range of school programmes include broad-based foundational years and basic education in functional skills as well as specialized vocational training leading to national certification.

But what lies beyond graduation from Metta School? We follow ex-Metta School student, Lai Bo Cheng, as he shares with us his journey and aspirations upon graduation.

Life After School (Part 1)

The Beginning and The Journey:

I first joined Mandarin Orchard Singapore in 2011 as a front office trainee under the School to Work Programme (STWP) that Metta School has. Under the STWP programme, I would go to school in the morning, then report to Mandarin Orchard Singapore for work in the afternoon.  It was in 2014 when I finally joined full time as a Driveway Ambassador.


What I Do at Mandarin Orchard:

My duties as a Driveway Ambassador/Doorman is to open the doors and greet guests as they first step into the hotel, making the first and last impression of every guest’s  journey. I also help assist guests with their luggage or answer their questions.

My favourite moment is when I get to welcome every guest at the door with a unique and personal greeting such as “Have a fantastic, glorious and magnificent day!” Guests will smile and share a greeting in return. That really makes me happy!

I love my job as it gives me the opportunity to meet new people daily and make their day with my smile.

My Memorable Experiences at Mandarin Orchard:

During my time here at Mandarin Orchard Singapore, I had many memorable experiences such as winning Employee of the Year, meeting various ministers and celebrities. However, the most memorable would be that I got to meet President Halimah Yacob in person at the 2017 Christmas on a Great Street Light-up Ceremony. I also remember taking photos with Minister Chan Chun Sing.

The guests are also what makes my time here at Mandarin Orchard Singapore memorable.  They will mention my name when reviewing our hotel on TripAdvisor to say that they enjoy my signature greetings. For example, during the time when my greetings had the word “tantalising” in them, such as “have a tantalising day”, I was nicknamed “Mr. Tantalising” by many of our guests!

What I Love About Working at Mandarin Orchard:

Working in Mandarin Orchard Singapore has been very enjoyable thus far. When I first started as a Driveway Ambassador, I did face some of the usual challenges that most ambassadors would face. Hotel lobbies are usually buzzing with activity and part of my job is to greet guests, help assist them with their luggage or answer their questions. When there are too many guests that require my assistance at the same time, I was able to approach my Duty Manager or colleagues for assistance. They have been very supportive and are always by my side. They are like my family, and that is what I love about working here.

The Skills That Metta School Taught Me Which I Can Use At My Job:
My teachers were very helpful and guided me in my studies. They also encouraged me to take part in various extracurricular activities such as badminton and bowling to help build my confidence. From those activities, I also learnt the importance of teamwork and camaraderie.

My Aspiration:
To continue to interact with guests and make them happy in my own way.


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