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Unforgettable Memories

When was the last time we had a good memory of our loved ones? In this issue’s tribute of parental love, we spoke to some of our beneficiaries who are children or parents themselves and have them share with us their most unforgettable memories with their loved ones.


The child:
Kendrick Liew, 9 years old,
Metta School Student

“Every night I look forward to bedtime with mummy because it is our special bonding time. I will share with mummy what happened in school every day. Mummy also plays “pretend” games with me: I will be a teacher and mummy is my student. We have so much fun together, mummy and son. I love my mummy very much!”


pict8b.jpgThe Parent:
Ms Jessie Lee, 45 years old, mother of Kendrick

“Kendrick is not able to speak fluently like most kids for his age. But I’ll always remember the day when he could finally read and write confidently because that was the happiest moment of my life. I would like to specially thank Kendrick’s teachers and principal of Metta School for not giving up on my child. With their guidance and encouragement, he has shown great improvements and blossomed into a delightful boy.”


pict8c.jpgThe Child:
Mohd Nashruddin Bin Mohd Manshor, 20 years old,
Metta School student (Vocational Programme)

“My mother is a very busy woman but she never fails to make time for me. I am not very good in my English but my mother patiently coaches me regularly. Being with her, I am able to feel the motherly love that she has for me with the sacrifices that she makes for the family.”


pict8d.jpgThe Parent:
Mdm Norizah Bte Maulud, 51 years old
mother of Nashruddin

“Nash was 3 years old when we found out that he has autism. At age 6 he could not interact well like other children of his age. But all this changed after he went to Metta School. Nothing can describe my job when Nash could finally talk and began to make friends.”



pict8e.jpgThe Child:
Constance Ching, 65 years old
Metta Day Rehabiliation Centre for the Elderly client

“My mother and I are both clients of Metta Day Rehabiliation Centre for the Elderly. Although we may not be as abled as most people, but we share a very strong bond. We live together and attend Metta’s rehabiliative therapies together. As a daughter, it is my duty to take care of her and look out for my mother.”

pict8f.jpgThe Parent:
Mdm Heng Kim Jeong, 88 years old
Metta Day Rehabiliation Centre for the Elderly client and mother of Constance Ching

“Constance is a very filial daughter. Despite her condition, she still makes an effort to care for me.”





pict8g.jpgThe Child:
Sheldon Teo, 7 years old
Metta School student

“I enjoy spending time with my mummy when we colour and draw together! I also enjoy riding on the e-scooter with my mummy and we would explore the neighbourhood together!”


pict8h.jpgThe Parent:
Mdm Heng Khee Swan, mother of Sheldon Teo

“Nothing makes me more proud when Sheldon could finally take the school bus on his own and even behaved very well on his first day of school. This was not easy especially for a child with autism. He has also learnt to be more helpful when he fetches his papa’s glasses and even identify the correct pair that belongs to his father.”


pict8i.jpgThe Parent:
Mr Heng, father of 26 years old Heng Shen – a Metta Alumni apprentice who has autism since birth

“I’ll always remember the proudest moment when Heng Shen took his baking course in Metta School in 2012. Even though the course teacher was giving her instruction verbally, and Shen has seemed lost and was not paying any attention, we later found out to our surprise that he was actually taking (written) notes and writing down recipes. He was able to follow his course! He passed, and we were told, quite well.”


MAY – JUNE 2018

A Silver Lining in His Cloud

pict7.jpgNot all intellectual disability begins at birth. Such was the case of Muhammad Afiq Bin Kamis, a strapping healthy young man. Afiq was an ITE student who was awaiting enlistment into National Service. He led a sporty and active lifestyle. However, all this changed overnight for the then 21-year old youth when he had a fainting spell during one of his usual jogs. Afiq was unconscious and found by the police after he was reported missing for three days. He was immediately sent to the ICU ward in Changi General Hospital. Afiq continued to remain comatose and finally woke up after a week, much to the joy of his family. Unfortunately, their happiness was short-lived as Afiq could not recognise any of his family members. He has also lost much of his cognitive brain functions especially his motor skills such as speech and mobility. Upon further testing, Afiq was diagnosed to be with intellectual disability as a result of his accident. Afiq spent the next 6 months at Bright Vision Hospital where he learnt to walk again. His motor skills had helped his basic ADL (Active Daily Living) but that wasn’t enough. He still could not remember his name nor perform basic functions such as toileting.

Afiq was then transferred to Metta Day Activity Centre for the Intellectually Disabled (IDAC) in early 2017. Through the patient guidance of the training officers and therapy aides. it took Afiq almost a year before he made leaps in his progress and would recognise and write his name, familiarise himself with numbers and alphabets, perform basic toileting and other activities of daily living. He managed to make simple conversation with those around him and even take the bus independently from Metta IDAC back to his home in Hougang.

Finances was trying for the family as Afiq’s mother left her job as a Cisco officer to be a full-time caregiver to her son. Apart from providing training and caregiving support, Metta had also successfully applied for subsidies for Afiq and his family, easing their financial burdens. Afiq’s mother is immensely grateful to the support and training that Metta IDAC has given to her son and she hopes that with IDAC’s continued assistance, Afiq would be able to lead an independent life again.

MAY – JUNE 2018

In The Spirit of Benevolence

29 May 2018, Vesak Day Bazaar at Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum


Intermittent showers tempered the sweltering heat of Vesak Day but that did not dampen the spirits of our determined and passionate stallholders and volunteers. Organised for the first time by Metta Welfare Association to raise funds for its services, the Vesak Day Bazaar was held at the facade of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. The Bazaar saw devotees, tourists and the local community patronising the stalls with popular items like the Thai Mango Sticky Rice, sweet confectioneries from Metta Cafe, tea, coffee, handmade bags and even five stones, selling out fast.

We take this opportunity to thank our donors, volunteers and supporters for their committed dedication and generous contribution to Metta’s cause in providing welfare to the community.

MAY – JUNE 2018

Changing the World with Cisco

13 April 2018, Metta Home Day Activity Centre


Some 10 staff from Cisco Systems Singapore, spent an enjoyable afternoon befriending 32 clients from Metta Home Day Activity Centre. The clients practised their creativity and motor skills in a session of arts and crafts as the volunteers guided and engaged them during the activity. A regular monthly CSR activity by Cisco staff volunteers since August 2017, the activity also saw a birthday celebration of clients whose birthday fell in April. The CSR activity is one of Cisco’s social responsibility philosophy to create a positive impact on society through volunteer events and sustainability activities.

MAY – JUNE 2018

Going the Extra Mile for the Community

15 May 2018, Metta Building


As part of Singapore Pools’ 50th Anniversary celebrations to engender an inclusive and caring society, more than 300 staff took to contribute their time and effort at six charities islandwide, closing their 4D outlets early for the first time in its history. Metta Welfare Association is proud to be among the charities that hosted over 50 staff from Singapore Pools coming together for a creative batik painting session guided by apprentices from Arts@Metta and Metta School students from the visual arts programme. The object of the batik painting workshop aims to create a unique learning experience for the volunteers as the complexities of the intricate artwork demanding deft skills are taught by the artists. It also serves as an exemplary determination of our youths and students with special needs who are able to effortlessly use the canting and paint brush to create wonderful masterpieces. Singapore Pools staff are passionate in their involvement in community events that led to the initiation of iShine – a Singapore Pools staff community programme that promotes “I Serve From the Heart and in Nurturing Everyone” to support the community at large.

MAY – JUNE 2018

A Meeting of Superheroes

5 May 2018, Metta Charity Movie Screening at Shaw Theatres Lido


The recently ended Metta Charity Movie at Shaw Theatres Lido on 5 May saw a resounding success with close to 700 seats filled for the action screening of Avengers: Infinity War. Marvel heroes cosplayers added much fanfare prior to the movie screening that got movie-goers and children excited before the show, with everyone taking turns to pose for selfies with their favourite superhero.

We take this opportunity to thank our superhero donors for their generous contribution that extended to our beneficiaries, enabling them and their families to have a share of the much-anticipated blockbuster action by Marvel.

MAY – JUNE 2018

Today’s Vision, Tomorrow’s Reality

We believe that every child has the right to access quality early education and intervention to develop to their full potential and to participate without barriers in all aspects of education and society. This constitutes the vision of the Early Intervention Conference 2018 supporting the importance of quality early education, intervention and inclusion of children with developmental issues and special needs in natural environments. This includes family settings, child care and preschool programmes in a child’s early childhood years to give a head start to their development.


Metta Preschool co-organised the Early Intervention Conference held at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre with nine other Early Intervention partners to connect, learn and build a sustainable early intervention landscape of the future. Themed “Today’s Vision, Tomorrow’s Reality”, this inaugural Early Intervention Conference was a ground-up initiative that saw the participation of some 1,000 early intervention professionals. The Conference aims to engage the Government, families, early childhood and intervention professionals and the community to build a quality and inclusive early childhood landscape for all our young children. It is the first step to building a stronger fraternity for early intervention in Singapore and a significant milestone for the early intervention sector.

A new initiative of integrating children with special needs into the mainstream school setting in one of Ministry of Social and Family Development’s (MSF) pilot programmes was launched at the conference. The initiatives, unveiled by Minister for Social and Family Development, Mr Desmond Lee, addressed the varies requirements of children with special needs that may respond better to intervention provided int he mainstream pre-school setting, while others may require more intensive and individual intervention at the beginning.

He added, “For example, a child may not be able to follow instructions and may need more support from his teachers at the onset. However, over time, he progresses and then needs to gain other skills, such as interacting with other children, caregivers and adults. The Early Intervention service we provide needs to adapt to his or her changing needs. MSF is working with three EIPIC centres to pilot the changes, and already, early results look promising.”

MAY – JUNE 2018

A Rose for Mama


Clients at the Metta Day Activity Centre for the Intellectually Disabled had the opportunity to use their creativity whilst enhancing their gross motor skills and make their mothers happy too. In an arts and craft session, Training Officer, Ms Irawati, guided the clients through the steps of creating clay roses by molding and kneading pieces of clay dough, as well as painting the blooms with bright vibrant colours. The craft session was an achievement for the clients who couldn’t wait to bring home their handmade floral bouquets and put a smile on their mother’s face for Mother’s Day.








MAY – JUNE 2018

A Love Like No Other

pict0The months of May and June are a celebration of Parents as Mother’s and Father’s Day are commemorated respectively in both months. It is a time of honouring our parents for their love, care, strength, understanding, compassion and patience in raising us. This issue of Metta News pays tribute to the unconditional love of a parent for their child, for a parent’s love is a love like no other.

While most parents hope for a life of independence for their children in terms of settling down with a stable career, relationship and starting their own families, for some parents, their ideals of independence for their child is simply to see them fulfill their active daily living skills, especially as the parents are advancing in years. Basic motor skills such as personal grooming and hygiene are a challenge for some adults with special needs which most of us would often take for granted.

Playing our part in the community, Metta takes it upon itself to provide regular training and welfare services to youths and adults with special needs so that they may be self-reliant should they ever be in the absence of their parents. With Metta’s vast range of welfare services, from special education to disability care, we extend beyond our commitment to offer psychological, social and training support to caregivers of persons with special needs. It is the satisfaction and welfare of our beneficiaries and their families that propels us to go beyond the call of duty and collectively build an inclusive society for all.


Triple Gems Blessings
Venerable Shi Pu En

MAY – JUNE 2018